Meet Our Team

Editor: Audrey Murrell, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 
Managing Editor: Amelia J. Dietrich, Ph.D., The Forum on Education Abroad,

Editorial Board:
Christine Anderson, University of Minnesota
Kendall Brostuen, Brown University
Eduardo Contreras, University of Portland
Nick Gozik, Boston College
Allison Hodgkins, American University of Cairo
Nancy Kanach, Book Review Editor, Princeton University (retired)
Jacqueline McLaughlin, Penn State University Lehigh Valley
Amy Muse, University of St. Thomas
Mark Odenwelder, Book Review Editor
Aroline Seibert Hanson, Arcadia University
Taylor Woodman, University of Maryland
Michael Woolf, CAPA

Editorial board members actively contribute to the development and good management of Frontiers. They are appointed by the Executive Editor for a fixed term of three years, renewable annually by the Editor.

Expected functions and duties of editorial board members include:

  • participation in an annual meeting of the Editorial Board (usually at The Forum’s Annual Conference or by phone) and additional, occasional conference calls throughout the year as needed
  • acting as ambassadors for and supporting and promoting the journal
  • seeking out the best authors and best work (e.g. from meeting abstracts) and actively encouraging submissions
  • reviewing submissions to the journal (expected 2-3 per year)
  • evaluating book proposals and special projects
  • occasionally accepting commissions to write editorials, reviews and commentaries on papers in their specialist area
  • nomination of manuscript reviewers

Editors, editorial board members and peer reviewers are required to comply with Frontiers’ Conflict of Interest Policy.

Frontiers recognizes our past editors and editorial board members for their service:  

Rhoda Borcherding (1995-2015), Michael Monahan (1995-2007), Gary Rhodes (1995-2007), Thomas Ricks (1995-2015), Barbara Rowe (1995-2007), Urbain [Ben] DeWinter (1996-1997), Katherine Krebs (1996-2015), David Hornung (1997), Barbara Freed (1998-2015), John Engle (1999-2007), Barbara Gügold (1999-2015), Jorge Nowalski (2001-2015), Linda Goff (2002), William Nolting (2002), Chip F. Peterson (2002), Daniel A. Wubah (2003-2015), Michael Vande Berg (2004), Jane Edwards (2004), Hiram Maxim (2004), Steve DePaul (2007-2011), Mingzheng Shi (2007-2015), Annmarie Whalen (2000-2018), Brian Whalen (1995-2018), Colin Ireland (1999-2018), Sheila Bayne (1999-2019), Tim Perkins (1995-2019), Chris Deegan (2015-2020), Tiffany Lachelle Smith (Editorial Assistant, 2019-2020)