Australian Studies and Study Abroad

  • Ann Curthoys
Keywords: Area Studies, Australia, Study Abroad


Australian studies centres overseas have usually found, however, that student interest in their courses has been modest. With its small population, relatively healthy economy, and fairly quiet politics, Australia for most of the world does not present significant economic or strategic threats or opportunities. It is not surprising, then, that the study of Australia has not been significant outside Australia itself. Despite the praiseworthy efforts of the proponents of Australian studies in Asia, Europe, and North America, international understanding of Australian culture and society is still extremely limited. In this context, the growth of study abroad programs of various kinds has presented an exciting development for Australian studies.


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Author Biography

Ann Curthoys

 Ann Curthoys is Manning Clark Professor of History at the Australian National University and chair of its undergraduate and graduate Australian Studies programs. She has published widely on aspects of Australian history, questions of national identity and historical writing. Her most recent publications include (as editor) Journalism: Print, Politics and Popular Culture; and Writing Histories: Narration and Imagination. 


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