Convivencia, Abrahamic Religions and Study Abroad in Spain

  • Mitchell A. McCoy Assistant Professor of Spanish, Belmont University
  • Sally Smith Holt Professor of Religion, Belmont University
Keywords: Religion, Study abroad, Spain, Belmont University’s Maymester study abroad program


As a point of departure for understanding the complexities of Spanish national and individual identities, it is incumbent that a student begins by investigating Spanish iterations of the three Abrahamic religions. This presupposition of religion’s centrality in the pursuit of better-informed understandings of the Spanish nation, people, history and culture has served as a cornerstone in the construction of Belmont University’s Maymester study abroad program in Spain and as a lodestar in its evolution. This article will describe the genesis of the program, analyze curricular changes over time and offer a critical reflection about why international study is the quintessential milieu for achieving the sought-after objective: understanding the role of religions and the concept of convivencia in the cultivation of Spanish identities. 


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