Position Paper for the Scottish National Party: Should Scotland Legalize, Decriminalize or Prohibit Cannabis?

  • Sujata Jhaveri
Keywords: Undergraduate research, Education abroad, Undergraduate research abroad, Scotland, cannibis, Study abroad


This article presents an undergraduate student research project on a position paper about if the Scottish national party should support Scotland to legalize, decriminalize, or prohibit cannabis conducted on a study abroad program in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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Author Biography

Sujata Jhaveri

Sujata Jhaveri graduated from Northwestern University magna cum laude with a double major in Political Science and Psychology. Her work in the Scottish Parliament contributed to the passage of a bill for fire sprinklers in homes for the elderly and disabled. She presented her senior thesis “Drug Policy’s Effect on Recidivism Rates: Do Draconian Measures versus Rehabilitative Measures Change Offenders’ Behaviors?” at various political science conferences, and received Northwestern’s William M. McGovern Award for Excellence and Leadership. Sujata currently resides in upstate New York and plans a career involved in policy activism.


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